Texas Tool Crafters Inc. sells both modified and unmodified tools and knives Any tool/knife that has been modified will qualify for Texas Tool Crafters' Warranty and will not qualify for the warranty of the original manufacturer.  All unmodified tools and knives will qualify for the warranty of the original manufacturer. 


Texas Tool Crafters Warranty Information

All of our "Texas Tool Crafters Modified" tools are covered under Texas Tool Crafters’ limited 5 year warranty. The warranty guarantees that the tool is free of manufacturing defects and guarantees full functionality of the tool/knife.  Damage due to normal use that causes impaired functionality of the tool/knife will be repaired at no cost for the duration of the warranty. Warranty duration will be determined by the recorded date of the serial number.

Please be aware that modified tools/knives are not eligible for the original manufacturer’s warranty due to the modifications.

What’s Covered:
  • Loss of functionality caused by normal use
  • Any damage that has been caused by manufacturing defects
What’s Not Covered:
  • Damage caused by improper use, including broken blade tips when manufacturing defects are not present, welding damage, rust, and chemical damage.
  • Cosmetic damage not caused by a manufacturing defect.
  • Accessories, including sheaths, bits.
  • Normal wear.
What happens if my tool/knife is damaged and not covered under warranty?
  • We offer at-cost repairs for all of our modified tools. Please contact us directly for specific pricing.
  • Broken blade tips will be repaired when possible at no cost.
How do I send in my tool/knife for warranty or repair work?